Mis Selling

HAVE YOU BEEN MIS SOLD A PENSION? You may have cause for complaint. But, given the complexities of pensions and the broader pension mis-selling Oxford scandal contact us today.

Importance of Choosing Trusted Pensions Oxford

These are the top benefits if you choose to work with Trusted Pensions Oxford:

When Can you Claim Back Losses

There are many conditions or circumstances that make you want to claim back losses on pension or mis-sold investments. You can claim back your losses if:

What does Trusted Pensions Oxford Charge for their Services?

The best thing is that they offer a free service. Above that if there is no win, there is no fee to be charged but if the results are positive, there is a 20% fee plus a 4% VAT charged.

Some Basic Facts About Pensions

A very common banking scandal is that as many people get close to their retirement, they tend to be victims of mis-sold investments. Many people have lost and are still losing money to top risky investments just because they were not given the right advice. When you are close to retirement, you might seek the advice of a financial advisor considering the fact that you want to invest your pension money. They then advise you to venture into a certain sector without clearly telling you the risks involved and as a result, you lose all your money.

Legally, a financial advisor should put into consideration some of your personal circumstances before they decide the weight of the risk that you can bear. In the case they do not do this and you end up suffering losses, you have the right to claim them.

In the past, many financial advisors were on the search of bonuses arising from targets set on selling some types of investment products. This was one of the main reasons they just had to push people into investments that are not even righfor them. However, the Financial Services Authority has set up more strict rules based on the type of advice financial advisors can give to savers.

For example there is a rule that states a financial advisor has to carry out a fact find, meaning they have to find out the financial circumstances and objectives of their customers before giving them advice. Therefore, if these rules are not adhered to and a client loses money, they are entitled to compensation.

If you were mis-sold an investment and want to claim back the loss, get in contact with the customer service at Trusted Pensions.